LOGIC supporting education and development

Bahamas – September, 2021 – LOGIC in continuous support to the community and development said presently this time in collaboration with C.R Walker Senior High School in Nassau, Bahamas.
As part of an important pilot program of this educational center which aims to implement the paperless classes in their classrooms; We have managed to make an important donation of tablets to this institution, thus reaching the technological focus and offering a new opening to young people with the necessary tools for their learning.
In support of the pilot program of the C.R. Walker Senior High School in Nassau, LOGIC has made an important donation of tablets to this educational center.
Mario Ego-Aguirre, VP of TMCell, commented: “The lack of equality in access to technology and knowledge puts entire communities and disadvantaged student populations. It is important for us to know that our contribution to this C.R .Walker High School initiative make a difference for the students and communities that need it most.”
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