Limited Warranty

When you purchase a high-quality LOGIC product you also purchase piece of mind with our full factory warranty.



Please press and hold the POWER button. If the phone doesn’t turn on, remove and re-insert the battery. Try recharging the battery. If you are using a charger, please check all related cable connections.

Battery life is mostly affected by signal strength, application usage, screen brightness, and/or screen timeout settings. In fact, a low signal strength will result in lower battery life. Also, using your cellphone for long periods of time on calls, Internet, etc. will result in a quicker discharge of the battery. Having the brightness setting at maximum is another factor that reduces battery’s life. Regulating the screen timeout interval will help you increase your battery’s charge.

1. Connect the included USB cable to the wall charger.
2. Connect the wall charger to the power outlet.
3. Connect the USB cable to the mobile device; once connected a charging icon will appear on screen indicating the charging status.
4. When the charging icon is full, the battery is completely charged. Please disconnect the charger from the power outlet.
5. Disconnect the charger from the mobile device.

1. Be sure that charger is properly connected to the power outlet.
2. Verify that the micro USB connector is properly connected to the phone.
3. Check if the cellphone can be turned ON, if so, check if battery icon is oscillating.
4. Try charging phone with another LOGIC approved charger.
5. Try charging the phone using another micro USB-to-USB cable.
6. Check if the battery connectors are in good condition and are not broken.
7. If you haven’t used your cellphone for a long time, please connect the charger to the phone and wait several minutes. There may be a delay before the phone starts charging.