Limited Warranty

When you purchase a high-quality LOGIC product you also purchase piece of mind with our full factory warranty.



1. Check if the name of the Wi-Fi network (USSD) and password are correct.
2. Check if your W-Fi is properly TURNED ON (Go to MENU>SETTINGS>Wi-Fi)
3. If your Wi-Fi is OFF, please TURN IT ON, search for the name of the network that you want to connect to and select it. If the network is secured, it will ask for a WEP/WPA password. Input the password accordingly.  

Go to MENU > SETTINGS > BLUETOOTH and TURN IT ON. Search for the device desired and connect to it. Usually the password for most Bluetooth devices is 0000. Also, please check the Bluetooth menu to ensure that your phone is “VISIBLE” to other devices.

In order to set up your GPS properly, please go to an open space (without a roof and preferably with a clear sky) and go to MENU>SETTINGS>LOCATION ACCESS and TURN ON GPS.
Note: Having a SIM card with DATA, enhances the connection and accuracy of the positioning.
Open a navigation APP like Google Maps or Waze and verify that your position is correct. Start navigation.

When the SIM card is decrypted, the mobile phone will search for registered networks or available local networks automatically. Once connected, the network operator’s name will be displayed at the bottom of the lock screen.  With the phone in standby mode you can make or answer calls.

Please contact your network operator if the SIM card is not working properly.

Go to MENU>SETTINGS>MORE>MOBILE NETWORKS>ACCES POINT NAMES or APNs and configure the APNs according to your current service provider.

In addition, you can check if you have the Data Services enabled (go to SETTINGS > MORE> MOBILE NETWORKS > DATA ENABLED)

The call quality may vary from building to building, depending on their construction and architecture. Please try moving to open areas or closer to a window to improve the reception. If the problem persists, please contact your service provider to verify the network. Otherwise please visit our webpage, and look under the support section for additional information.

Some carriers, in some states/countries, are shutting down their 2G networks and/or service if it is no longer required. Since some feature phones work only with 2G, they won’t be able to function and you will see the words “Emergency Calls Only” on screen. Please contact your service provider for further information.

Your cellphone should be able to access wireless services where available. However, please remember that roaming charges will be applied depending on your plan. Please check the terms of your service with your provider.

Please check if the SIM card has been properly installed in the phone. Use the markings on the SIM card tray as a reference and insert the SIM card accordingly. Be sure not to insert the SIM card in another slot, like the SD memory card slot. If you are using an adapter from micro SIM to regular SIM, be careful when inserting/removing the SIM card because the SIM card’s contact pins can be damaged.

For Parts and accessories, please contact your Authorized Service Center or visit our webpage, under the support section, for additional information.