Prime minister has donated 30 tablets to primary school students

Jamaica – Junio, 2021- Prime minister, the most hon. Andrew Holness, has donated 30 tablets to primary school students in st. Catherine west-central, through his positive jamaica foundation.
Speaking at the handover ceremony in Pedro on June 18, where he also donated a printer to the Garden Hill Primary and Infant School, Mr. Holness said he has a “personal commitment” to education.
He noted that the sector has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, causing hardships for persons who are unable to purchase the devices.
As part of an important pilot program of this educational center which aims to implement the paperless classes in their classrooms; We have managed to make an important donation of tablets to this institution, thus reaching the technological focus and offering a new opening to young people with the necessary tools for their learning.
Mr. Holness said he has made it a personal mission, through the Foundation, to “raise funds to purchase tablets, and to distribute right across the island”, pointing out that beneficiaries are students who have not received tablets from the various government programmes.
The Prime Minister said close to 250 students have received tablets, and “we intend on reaching every single child who cannot afford a device through your own means”.
For his part, Member of Parliament for the area, Dr. the Hon. Christopher Tufton, said the donation will help the students to be on the path of high achievers.
“We are doing well, and I commend the teachers and the schools,” Dr. Tufton, who is also the Minister of Health and Wellness, said.
Student at the Friendship Primary School, Kadane Squire, said the tablets will “make a great impact on our education”.
“Lives will be impacted positively. The printer will ease some of the burden. It is really challenging to find the resources to do printing, so with this printer we can reach more children, and we are grateful for this initiative,” the Principal told JIS News.
Principal at the Garden Hill Primary and Infant School, Shakira Hansel-Hudson, said the initiative is appreciated, because it is more tablets for students who need them.
Mario Ego-Aguirre, VP of TMCell, commented: “The lack of equality in access to technology and knowledge puts entire communities and disadvantaged student populations. It is important for us to know that our contribution to this C.R .Walker High School initiative make a difference for the students and communities that need it most.”
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